In addition to casting future productions – I’m passionate about working with actors and assisting them in their preparation for auditions.
Every audition presents a platform for the actor to seize and embrace … I’d like to help them.
An audition is not solely about landing the role – it’s a precious opportunity for the actor to showcase themselves to a casting director, director and producer. If an inspired, focused and confident audition doesn’t get the well-prepared actor ‘the job’ … it will definitely get them another audition and enhance their reputation within a well-populated and fiercely competitive ocean of other options.
I’m the actor’s friend – trust me – I’m here to work with …
  • Graduates wanting to make a positive first impression.
  • Actors who are looking for pre-audition tuition.
  • Regularly auditioning actors … who are just not landing the role.
  • Actors preparing for an audition for a career-enlightening or regular role.
  • Actors who are returning to the industry.
  • Actors who predominately work in theatre … but are looking for on-screen training.
  • Inexperienced actors who are anxious of auditioning.
  • ALL other actors.
For One-to-Ones: I have a professional, relaxed and comfy space to work from in Marylebone, London.
I am also highly experienced and respected in working with drama schools and hosting actors’ workshops.
If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything you wish … please do not hesitate to contact me.
I’m   here   to   help.



+(44) 208 858 3165