My name is Ben Cogan and I’m a casting director. I’m also bombastically passionate about working with actors on behalf of production for the enjoyment of audiences. The role of the casting director plops them into the heart of a dramatic creation. Through working with writers and producers, they're equipped to join forces with directors and introduce actors to the shoes of a character. It's a beautiful and blessed role in a fantastic collaborative process and one I'm highly experienced in. Working with and for actors is my happy place. Whether it's in an audition, workshop or drama school, a one-to-one tutorial or speaking on a panel: preparing the platform for the actor to perform to their best ability is my ultimate responsibility. Guiding, assisting and encouraging them to fly is what I’m here to do and it’s the best job in the world. So after 15 years of glorious BBC service. I'm moonwalking into your arms and needs as a freelance casting director and I would love to work with you.


+(44) 208 858 3165