Ben    Cogan


2015 - 2020        Freelance Casting Director



Witch West   (Feature    Film)


Producer: Karen Newman                 Director: Jane Gull



HIS  Dark   Materials   (TV Series)

(Additional Child  Casting)


Executive Producers (including): Jane Tranter, Tom Hooper, Jack Thorne, Dan McCulloch and Philip Pullman     

Producers: Laurie Borg and Roopesh Parekh    Directors: Various



bellmouth    (Short    Film)


Producers: Sarai Carson and  Charlie Covell        Director: Joe Roberts



Apple  Tree  House (Children's TV Series)


Executive Producer: Eugenio Pérez      Producer: Greg Boardman        Director: Various



Lady M    (Short    Film)


Producer: Karen Newman                    Director: Tammy Riley-Smith



Amaryllis    (Feature    Film)


Producer: Suzie Norton                  Director: Tom Lawes



Trendy    (Feature    Film)


Executive Producer: Marilena Parouti                    Director: Louis Lagayette



Son    of    Perdition    (Short    Film)


Producer: Alex Carapuig                   Director: Matthew Harrison



Just    Charlie    (Feature    Film)


Executive Producer: Karen Newman                         Director: Rebekah Fortune



After    the    Fray    (Short    Film)

Producer: Alex Carapuig                          Director: Matthew Harrison



2002 — 2015     Casting Director at BBC


2006 – 2015

Casualty    (183    episodes    and    regulars)

Executive Producers: Mervyn Watson, Belinda Campbell, Jonathan Phillips and Oliver Kent

Series Producers: Jane Dauncey, Oliver Kent, Nikki Wilson and Erika Hossington

Producers: Various                 Directors: Various    

BAFTA nominations for ‘Continuing Drama’ in 2007 (won), 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014 and 2015



Wish    143    (Short Film)

Producer: Samantha Waite                               Director: Ian Barnes

Oscar  nominated



Kiss    of    Death    (TV    Movie)

Executive Producer: Patrick Spence                  Producer: Jane Steventon

Director: Paul Unwin



The    Real    Deal

Executive Producer: Will Trotter                         Producer: Ben Bickerton

Director: Ian Barnes


2002 – 2006

Doctors    (345    episodes    and    regulars)

Executive Producers: Carson Black and Will Trotter

Series Producer: Beverley Dartnall

Producers: Various                 Directors: Various    



The    Trouble    with    George

Executive Producers: Mal Young and Serena Cullen                         Producer: Sam Hill

Director: Matthew Parkhill


2000 – 2002     Casting Assistant at BBC

EastEnders    (225    episodes)

Executive Producer: John Yorke          Series Producer: Lorraine Newman 
Producers: Various                                 Directors: Various    


Holby    City    (38    episodes)

Executive Producer: Mal Young           Series Producer: Kathleen Hutchinson

Producers: Various                                 Directors: Various


In    Deep    (4    episodes)

Executive Producer: Mal Young           Producer: Steve Lanning

Director: Colin Bucksey


Waking    the    Dead    (4    episodes)

Executive Producer: Alexei de Keyser              Producer: Joy Spink

Director: Robert Knights and Gary Love


EastEnders: The    Return    of    Nick    Cotton

Executive Producers: Mal Young and John Yorke               Producer: Beverley Dartnall

Director: Chris Bernard








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